Grow, Eat & Live Healthy!

Let’s make a better food system!


By growing your own vegetables on rooftop, balcony or farmland you are sure of the nutrition you are receiving and your family gets a balanced and wholesome diet.


If you are an organic grower we help you sell your produce. Join our community and be a part of the better food system.


We arrange workshop with our expert team on Urban farming and healthy living . Which ensure a healthy society and future for ourselves and the planet!

Rooftop Farming

Farm in your Rooftop or Balcony

If you have minimum of 100sqft we can grow 20kgs worth of veggies annually. All you need is enough sunlight and care. More space can equip more crops.


Recycled plastic boxes

Organic compost soil

Plant doctor’s consultancy



10 boxes

Annual Harvest: 50 kgs
2 months 10.000 taka ( pay in 2 installments)


20 boxes
4 months
Annual Harvest: 100 kgs
20.000 taka (pay in 4 installments)


30 boxes
6 months- 1 year
Annual Harvest: 200 kgs
30.000 taka (pay in 6 installments)
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