Prakriti is about producing organic food with sustainable urban farming in Dhaka and other cities. It is about encouraging and educating Urban dwellers to grow at home.

Our Goal is to create a chain of networks of Organic Urban Farmers and Customers. Benefit the people in society by giving them access to healthy uncontaminated food at their doorstep and life skills training.

Our Aims are to bring more citizens together, to further develop innovative ways of growing food with least amount of resources, help sell the organic produce and bring smiles into the community, for a more sustainable, healthy future for both society and our planet.


Ashna Afroze Ahmed

Ashna Afroze Ahmed, Founder, Prakriti Farming

Ashna Afroze Ahmed is an Organic Urban Food Grower. She believes a sustainable agriculture and healthy lifestyle can create a healthy generation. Which ensures food safety and security in the long run. With inclusive development and innovation in agricultural sector a better food system can be created.  She is a member of World Food Bank an American Urban Farming Forum and IPC (Indian Permaculture Institute) She owns a Facebook page for children’s healthy recipe called MummyYummy. She has been an active member of Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok Urban Farming Forum.

Her 10 years of experience ranges from local and multinational companies in Project Management, Business Development, Sales and Marketing. She worked for Chevron Bangladesh (Oil & Gas) and Beximco Media. She worked as Content Editor for Bangladesh Brand Forum Magazine, and Research Associate for Knowledge Centre a Marketing Think Tank. She Graduated from the University of Delhi.

Md. Rakibul Islam Rozen

Pharmacist, Prakriti Farming

Md. Rakibul Islam Rozen has been working with organic agro farming since 2013. Started with newly launched Papaya variety of BSMRAU (Banga Bandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University) under the supervision of Dr. Khaleque Miah, he planted for commercial organic fruit garden in Salna, Gazipur. His field of working was included building a sustainable chain between producer and consumer to overcome the problems of middleman faced by the rural farmers in case of product price under the name Team Agro Exposure.

Being an agro entrepreneur, he has worked with IFC (International Finance Corporation, a sister concern of World Bank) and participated several national and international seminars, symposiums and conferences regarding food safety and food security. He also has several publications in this regard.
Professionally being a Pharmacist, he believes that, doing something for the country, society is the elite duty of everyone. Thinking only for own cannot be a nature of humanity.


Mohammad Saidul Islam

Chief Advisor, Prakriti Farming.
Senior Assistant Director, Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation
Ph.D. in seed Science and Technology (BSMRAU)

Mohammad Saidul Islam is a practical Urban grower over 10 years.
He is the founder of Digital Krishi Sheba. Serving people with agriculture and plant related queries online.

Dr. Mohammed Habibur Rahman

Professor, Pathology Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh

Dr. Mohammed Habibur Rahman is an Urban farming enthusiast. Practicing rooftop farming for the last 15 years with technical knowledge and precision. He has been a Visiting Scholar/ Visiting Professor, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Ghana, Legon, Accra, Ghana.

Sheikh Arafat Islam Nihad

Scientific Officer, Bangladesh Rice Research Institute
BS in Agriculture (BSMRAU), Masters in Crop Botany (BSMRAU)

Sheikh Arafat Islam Nihad is an Agriculturist. He is interested to serve the people through solving their problems related with crops production. He encouraged the people for Urban farming to keep the city green and fresh as well for the production of adulteration free vegetables.


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