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Our campaign in Schools, Universities, and Workshop is to create awareness and interest in organic farming. We want to bring back farming into the mainstream. Our events are designed to encourage to grow in urban environment with sustainable agriculture that ensures healthy living. We need your support and encouragement to create this awareness campaign going on.


Prakriti wants to teach the new generation of children to be a part of this great process.

We arrange fun events and after school programs to teach:

  • What food looks like?
  • How to grow food?
  • What are the benefits or organic food?
  • What are the future of production?
  • Healthy cooking

In return they gain:

  • Practical knowledge of food production
  • Benefit of organic food
  • The care to save the environment
  • Cooking skills
  • Knowledge on new innovations of food production


Our University campaigns are designed for students who can pursue their career as farmers with sustainability, innovation and business ideas. This is to promote the sector which can harness a huge number of young people into the agricultural sector. Our motto here is to bring back farming into the mainstream. Show a side of the sector which can be utilized for the next generation of people fulfilling their need of entrepreneurship and social impact.


We believe each individual can grow food. That gives full control on what we eat which in turn brings nutritious food on the table and saves environment. Our expert Agriculturist guides step by step process on urban rooftop farming. We help develop the farming business in our consultancy section. Maximizing profit, price and market of all natural organic produce.

Prakriti Empowers the needy

We have another initiative very close to our heart. Prakriti teaches the underprivileged children to do crafts and at the same time grow saplings mainly herbs. These children are under care of a non-profit organization for disable children named, “Amar Joti Badda” which is situated in Badda, Dhaka.
We teach them how to grow plants from seeds, care for them and create nicely decorated glass jars and handicraft pots. Buying a pot goes directly to their fund which they use for the next batch of order.

How you can help?

Buy one herb and give them the courage to pull themselves up from poverty while maintaining a healthy environment


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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